Spring Trends Are More Homespun & Colorful.


Have you noticed that many of the new trending fashions for the home are more homespun, home-sewn and personalized?  Many of the fabrics are very vivid and colorful with a retro flair.  Bright red paired with lilac and turquoise?  Mustard yellow with soft cheery shades of pink- I love them.  It is such a nice change from the ‘Easter Egg’ pastels of the past.   The new color trends are neutralized by using lots of white and the new soft greys as the overall room color and adding the zing of color to update the room.    Want to see some professionally designed color palettes?  Take a look at this link on Better Homes and Gardens website.  http://www.bhg.com/decorating/color/schemes/designer-color-palettes/ .  These designer colors are sure to get your creativity going!


In looking at this trend, I wonder if that warm home-made look and feel is becoming so popular again because most of us are getting fed up with the big box store plastics and mass produced items.  The cold impersonal items which can’t hold a candle to something done by hand.  Just a thought- especially in these economically challenging times.  For a great site to find all things home-hand made, check out www.etsy.com


Inside and outside your home, try using some of these new color combinations to add a splash of spring.  Here’s a way to get started!
A very easy and economical project is to find a fabric or two that you LOVE in the new colors such as turquoise and lilac or pink.  Try to find two that are coordinating fabrics in a cotton or cotton blend and purchase 1 yard of each. 
Using your old decorator pillows (you know the ones that are on your couch that look like the cat attacked and your guy drooled on- mmm-maybe wash them before recovering?), lay them out on the fabric, right side up and wrap the fabric around the pillow like you are wrapping a gift by folding back the front edge of fabric and wrapping around the pillow and again folding back and overlapping the first folded edge by an inch or so. 

Cut off large excesses of fabric but leave a good 3″ to 4″ around each side and overlap around the pillow and pin the folded overlap edges down with small safety pins on the sides of the pillow.  Now remove the pillow through the folded edge flap and using either more safety pins, fuseable hem tape or even duct tape- put the sides together so you will have a tube with the folded edges in the center of the tube.  You can also loosely sew the sides with needle and thread or on machine. 
Once your edges are fastened, turn the fabric right side out, insert your pillow and using decorative buttons either pin with safety pins or sew on the buttons to keep the flap closed.  Ta-Da!… a picture perfect pillow in minutes.


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