Staging-why would I need to do that?

Because staging is more than just candles, flowers and fresh towels!   New staging techniques go beyond de-cluttering, de-personalizing and making a space look pretty to appeal to the widest range of buyers. Today, staging has moved on to the next level – a smarter, more informed level, where research is being incorporated to understand the target buyers for your property.

Home buyers are more tech-savvy and sophisticated than ever before.  They are searching online before ever getting into their car to find (or at least eliminate) homes that just don’t measure up. Traditional staging often creates neutralized staging installations that do not draw buyers in as effectively. We all buy with emotions and buying a home is no different. That is where an APSD certified home stager can make the difference- by using a POE.  (want to learn more?  visit my APSD Trainers site at

Do you remember the last time you saw a product that you just fell in love with, but was beyond your budget?  Most times if you LOVE it,  you bought it because you loved it – you were willing to pay more just because you were emotionally connected with it. Yes, home buyers are also willing to pay more for a house they aspire to live in and fall in love with.  My job as professional home stager is to emotionally connect potential home buyers to a house. People don’t buy a house, they buy a HOME.  Along with marketing a space we are selling a lifestyle and the emotional feeling that the home generates for the potential buyer!

In order to emotionally and visually connect with buyers the staging professional needs to conduct research to understand the potential buyers of a specific property.  At  Just in Time Staging & Redesign, I employ several proven methods to appeal to the target buyers, the lifestyle they would have or WANT to have, demographics and emotions . Based on a discussion with the real estate agent, the home seller I am able to put together a  prospective target buyer’s description and to design the home staging and marketing to appeal to that target buyer.

As staging is completed each piece is carefully selected and placed to emotionally connect with the target buyers. With each staging, a story is created which gives the potential buyers a lifestyle experience, a dream they aspire to or a way of life they may want for themselves. The goal of the home staging is to get  home buyers excited when visiting, online or in person, and give them the ‘WOW’ factor.  You want the potential home buyers to leave saying, “This is exactly what I’ve always wanted-  I want this house.” instead of “It’s OK but…” and even though they may look at other homes, they will judge all others by the memories and emotional attachment they felt in YOUR STAGED home.

Now why would you NOT stage your home?


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